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Grow Your Small Business

Ranking #1 on Google can increase your website traffic 33% over competitors. Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking higher online. Put your business in front of more local customers with Makeshark, an expert SEO company in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from an expert Columbus SEO company can help your business rank higher in Google, Bing, and other search engines to achieve bottom-line results. Our team of SEO experts have increase LEADS (not just traffic) 200–600% for small businesses and nonprofits in Columbus and surrounding areas of central Ohio, like Dublin, Hilliard, Gahanna, Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington, Newark, and Franklinton. Makeshark is a top SEO agency because we provide a clear SEO strategy, regular communication, and a 24/7 dashboard of goals, action items, and analytics for 100% transparency of our ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes both onsite and offsite strategies that help new customers find your business online. Our team of SEO experts in Columbus, Ohio constantly research Google's ever changing algorithms—including creating high quality content and backlinks—to help our clients rank higher online. Makeshark's SEO services can take your business to the top and outrank your competitors for #1 in Google.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) can be even more important than traditional SEO for local businesses, especially because customers can easily find a phone number and directions right on their phone. Even if your business doesn't have a physical address, or sells nationwide, GMB can still help your overall SEO ranking. Makeshark's team of SEO experts in Columbus can help you optimize your GMB listing, get 5-star online reviews, and stay up-to-date on latest features to take your business to the first page.

Google Ads & PPC

Google Ads uses pay-per-click (PPC), meaning you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. Makeshark helps our clients optimize their ad campaigns by focusing on keywords around their most profitable products or services. Our 24/7 SEO dashboards show impressions, clicks, and total spend so together we can pivot spending in real time to get the most ROI. That's just another

benefits of working with a SEO firm in Columbus, Ohio.

Our Process

24/7 Live Dashboard

As a Makeshark client, you get a real-time dashboard of your SEO goals, action items, and insights from Google Analytics, Ads, and social media.

Goals & Strategy

SEO can be confusion, but we make it simple. We start by reviewing your competition and developing a plan for what it will take to outrank them.


Makeshark's team of SEO experts are conveniently located in Columbus, Ohio so that we can provide regular reports and be available for questions.

Columbus SEO Experts

Case Studies

Our small business clients average of 200–600% increase in online leads through organic SEO.

Our nonprofit clients average 400% increase in online donations in just 5 months with SEO.

Top Columbus SEO company for client satisfaction.

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