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Creatives that outshines your competitors.

A great logo, color scheme and consistent fonts mean a lot.


A business website needs a consistent visual identity so customers remember who they are. Need a logo? We can help! After diving into your business, we can create a suite of visual elements for you, including: logo, color palette, and fonts. A good logo should help your target customer get a sense of who your business is and what you do.

Image by Austin Distel

Image & Video

Fin-tastic websites generally include photos and sometimes even videos. Our team can source stock imagery and videos for your site. We can also set up a photo or video shoot to gather custom assets specific to your business.

Image by Austin Distel

Business Cards & Flyers

Once you have a visual identity and a website, you may need other marketing materials to help get the word out. The Makeshark team can help you develop business cards, flyers or signage you may need for local business marketing.

Client Reviews

"Makeshark made it easy to get our new website up and running. Any changes we need are made fast."


Felicia K.

"Top notch customer service, attention to detail, truly cares about clients and super fast response rates."


Nicole B.

"Our website went from just something we thought we should have, to an actual money maker!"


Jeff Y.

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