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3 Steps to Finding Your First Customer

3 Steps to Finding Your First Customer

Starting a business and making it sustainable takes years of all-consuming work with no guarantee of success. Entrepreneurs must not only love what they do, but who they are doing it for.

If you are thinking about starting a business, try volunteering on top of your 9-to-5. This experience can not only help you see if you are cut out for being a business owner, but also give you valuable insight into the market and references.

While volunteering you may discover that currently the people you are serving can only access your services by either doing-it-themselves (with terrible results), or hiring a “professional” (which they cannot afford). One way you could differentiate yourself and serve more people is by offering a subscription model instead.

Before quitting your job, and investing a lot of money into a logo, website, and other things that don’t matter at first, it is a good idea to see if your business is viable by getting a handful of customers. The following is a proven strategy for finding leads, reaching out, and closing deals.

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