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5 Tips on Writing A Blog for Your Business

5 Tips on Writing A Blog for Your Business

Writing blog posts for your business website is an important part of your digital marketing strategy to increase your Google SEO ranking. However, many small business owners are hesitant to write or post a blog on their website because they don’t know where to begin.

In this article we have outlined 5 practical tips for how to write blog posts for your business website, including: why to have a blog, how often to post, how long to make posts, what topics to write about, and where to blog.

1. Why to have a blog?

Consistent blog post benefit your website SEO because you are giving Google new information to analyze, index, and rank. Blog posts give you another opportunity to include keywords on your website that you want your business to show up for when people search.

2. How often to post?

As with all SEO, the simple answer is always “more than your competitors”. However, in general, one blog post per month should be good enough for most small businesses. Again, the goal here is to give Google recent and relevant information so that you show up when people search.

3. How long to make blog posts?

According to Yoast a leading SEO plugin for word press, a blog post should be at least 300 words in order to rank high on Google and other search engines. In general, Long posts will rank easier than short posts, however long posts require stronger writing skills and not every writer is capable of creating blog posts of more than 1000 words.

4. What topics to write about?

Remember that the purpose of a blog is to help your SEO so that you can rank higher on Google and other search engines. Therefore, you want to write about topics and keywords that you want to be found for when people search.

Think about the services that your business offers. A home remodeler may want to write about kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, while an attorney may want to write about divorce or custody issues. The same could be said for any type of business.

Another thing you can do is to keep a list of frequently asked questions from your customer and write blog post about those questions.

When writing blog post remember to use subheadlines and lists to keep the text more skimmable for people who want to quickly get the information.

5. Where to post your blog?

There are many websites where you can create a blog, including WordPress, Bloggers, and Medium. While those options are good getting backlinks to your website, to get the most out of blogging for SEO purposes you want your blog to be hosted on your business website.


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