How “Google Q&A” Affects Your Business

Google My Business is the listing that shows up in local search results and on Google Maps. Arguably this could be more important than SEO for many local small businesses.

Recently, Google My Business started showing a new section called “questions and answers”. Not only can anyone ask questions about a business, but anyone can give answers!

How “Google Q&A” Affects Your Business

Theoretically, someone could ask "is this business good" and a competitor answer "no". You can see how this could cause issues for small business owners unaware of this feature.

The following list is recommendations for small business owners on how to control their dialog.

1. Ask Questions

Login to a Google account not associated with your business. Go to Google and search for your business name. Click "ask a question".

You want ask a common question customers have about your business that you can answer.

Example Question: “Does Makeshark build mobile-friendly website?”

Does Makeshark help with SEO?

2. Give Answers

Once you get a question on your Google My Business listing, Google will send your business a notification email. Click "respond".

This is where you want to shine with info about your buisiness. Customers will see this answer is from the business, not a random user.

Example Answer: “Yes! Makeshark helps small businesses stay on top of Google’s ever-changing algorithms and consistently rank higher in search results. Examples include keywords, blogging, and social media. Makeshark provides ongoing analytics for 100% transparency and satisfied results.”

Respond to GMB Questions

3. Upvote Good Q&As

You want to make sure customers see correct and positive info about your business first, so make sure to click "upvote" on good Q&As.

Upvote Good Q&As

4. Report Inappropriate Q&As

If there is any incorrect or negative Q&As on your listing, make sure to click “report”. Google wants its users to see right info like you do.

Report Inappropriate Q&As

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