How to Get FREE, "No Follow" Backlinks from Top Ranking Pages

This article will show you a clever marketing strategy to gain brand exposure and get a free backlink from Quora.

Step 1: Searching Keywords

Assuming you are signed up with Ahrefs, navigate to Site Explorer and enter "" in the search box. Next, click the Organic Keywords tab (shown below) to bring up the entire list of keywords and positions of on Google. This shows you all of Quora's pages that are ranking for various keywords (there’s tons of them—but you don’t need to worry about that).

Step 2: Filtering Results by Position

From the Positions filter, type from "0" to "10".

Step 3: Filtering Results by Volume

In the Volume dropdown filter, enter "100" (shown below) for the lower limit and leave the upper limit box blank. Then click Apply.

This will filter the results to show all the keywords that Quora ranks for that has at least 100 monthly volume searches.

Step 4: Entering Your Keywords

Input your keyword in the Include search box (shown below) and click the search icon to perform your search filter. This will catch all the keyword phrases that are ranking in the top 10, with a minimum monthly search volume of 100 and that contain your keyword in them—in the example below “Google” is the keyword used.

Step 6: Finding Relevant Questions

Find a relevant keyword with high search volume that relates to your company. The keyword we will be using is "Google Business Listing" which currently gets 9,900 monthly searches. There is a Quora question in position 9 for this term, so we will answer the query.

Step 7: Crafting a Response

If you want to read the question and response to get a better idea of Quora, here is a link. Bennett Heyn from Sunglass Society and Parker Marker wrote about how he used Google My Business. His Google My Business listings had over 22k impressions per month. It is a pretty powerful marketing tool for local businesses. In his Quora answer, he linked to which adds SEO value to for the website.

Do I Want a Backlink from Quora Even if it is No Follow?

Yes! Google will look at the ratio of Do-Follow to No-Follow backlinks in order to assess whether the backlinks are organic or inorganic.

  1. You could get referral traffic from successfully placed backlinks on Quora, which would increase the digital visibility of your website.

  2. If you have a link from a well ranking Quora page, it could boost your domain authority.

  3. No-follow links could lead to more people linking to your website.

  4. No-follow backlinks increase your website’s overall visibility.

Question: Does Ahrefs Crawl Quora?

From our understanding, Ahrefs does not crawl Quora. Quora contains millions (maybe billions) of outgoing and internal links. Sites like Quora, LinkedIn, and Twitter have either prevented Ahrefs from crawling, or have only allowed a partial crawling of their site. With the Ahrefs crawler, they can find backlinks, keyword data, and google rankings. According to Ahrefs, “every 24 hours our crawler visits over 6 billion web pages and updates Ahrefs’ index every 15-30 minutes.”


Thanks for reading about how to use Quora to get a free backlink while simultaneously delivering valuable information to Quora users! This is just one of hundreds of interesting marketing techniques to improve your SEO keyword ranking, build new backlinks, and make it easy for customers to find you on Google.


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