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How to Reach More Customers Using Facebook Ads

Ever since Facebook changed its news feed algorithms, businesses have been bidding to reach their audience. Facebook gives businesses multiple ways to advertise, including the simple boosted posts, to the more advanced ads manager tools. Below are a few tips on how to use Facebook Reach Ads to specifically target your audiences.

How to Use Facebook Reach Ads

To use Facebook Reach Ads, you will need to choose "Reach Campaign" under the Awareness section of your Facebook Ads. Choosing this tells Facebook's algorithm that your goal is to reach as many people with you ad as possible. While your real goal is to convert traffic to customers, as far as Facebook is concerned, you are simply building awareness and getting people to your sales funnel. The next thing you can do is set the "frequency cap". This sets a maximum number of times your ad will show to you audiences, thus avoiding ad fatigue (people getting sick of seeing the same ad over and over). Your final concern would be the budget for the target audience size. You can set your daily budget depending on the number of the target audience in the Facebook Ad feature. Of course, the larger the budget would mean a larger audience reached per day.

Setting Your Facebook Ads Budget

You should properly assess the budget that you want to allocate before starting your campaign. The goals is always to find the sweet spot to reach new customers without breaking the bank. You can try by starting at $10 per day which would be enough to target 1,000 people.

After setting the budget, you will choose your audience demographics. You can choose the location, age, and many others attributes (marital status, interests, etc.) of the people you want to target. It works best to choose people near your location. Also, you can opt to use past data from your Facebook page to reach people with similar traits to your existing customer base.


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