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Makeshark Explains "What is Wix Turbo?"

Makeshark Explains What is Wix Turbo?

In 2016, Makeshark tried using Wix's website building platform for a client who needed an integration with Etsy. Wix made it faster to build and maintain the website, so Makeshark started using Wix for all clients. Then, on February 25, 2019 Wix announced Wix Turbo, a platform-wide performance boost to ensure Wix site speeds are faster as well.

Wix Turbo is the name given to a list of platform improvements that Wix made to improve sites performance and how fast they load. This was made possible by enhancements that optimizes browser rendering time without maintaining functionality and user experience.

"Wix is faster than ever before and we wanted that message to resonate around the world,"Omer Shai, CMO at Wix

With Wix Turbo, images and videos will load faster than ever for Wix websites. All Wix sites will be upgraded for enhanced JavaScript execution time and use the most current CSS functionality, so websites look sharp and display pixel-perfect.

Wix has also increased the data capacity and performance of its global infrastructure, so no matter where customers, or their site visitors, are in the world, Wix websites will be faster. This is good news for Makeshark clients in Columbus, Ohio!

Wix Turbo Tech Specs

  1. Transitioning to server-side rendering (SSR): Wix is now storing more information on the Wix servers so that site visitors see content much quicker. Knowing just how advantageous server-side rendering is in terms of site loading time upon initial request, Wix is migrating more objects away from client-side rendering to SSR.

  2. Sharpening website layout: Utilizing the latest standards in CSS functionality, Wix has made it possible to render the optimized page layout in the server. This means sites have extremely crisp display, without compromising on loading time.

  3. Bolstering server infrastructure: Wix has added 4 times more data centers around the world, ensuring incoming requests can be processed and the HTML code rendered as quickly as possible. Not only has Wix expanded their server capacity, their widened geographic coverage means that web traffic can load sites from the server closest to them.

Makeshark is always working to improve our digital marketing and website design service to our clients in Columbus, Ohio and beyond. Wix Turbo helps us ensure that we have the most advanced and innovative technology. We are very excited to take advantage of Wix Turbo; the latest technology that ensures our client's site load faster than ever before!

Learn more about Wix Turbo here:


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