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Two Recommendations for Starting a Social Enterprise

I got to speak at the Passion Purpose Profit Conference today.

Here are two things I left everyone thinking of starting a social enterprise, or incorporating social enterprise into their existing business or nonprofit:

#1 Get your heart right with God.

Worry and insecurity are the killers of purpose. If you’re constantly preoccupied with self-preservation (financial worries, personal or relational insecurities) you probably don’t have capacity to ask questions like, "what is my purpose".

So get your heart right with God; find your strength and peace in Him.

#2 Persevere.

I'm not the strongest or most knowledgeable, but time and chance happen to us all. Every fundamental thing about Makeshark's business model and social impact wasn't even my idea...

(Free website? Thank John Rush at CleanTurn. Urban youth interns? That would be Kenny Sipes at The Roosevelt Coffeehouse. Contractor revenue sharing? Again, Matt Davis at COhatch.)

...but I get to hold them all together.

Time and chance happen to us all, so persevere. And know that their are a lot of people in Columbus willing to help if you have an open mind.

The Passion Purpose Profit Conference was a great time to meet others who are making an impact. If you didn't get a chance to make it out and want to connect, you can reach me through our website here.


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