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Why Your Home Remodeling Website Needs a Blog

Having a blog and posting regularly is a great way to get more visitors to your website. The reason is that it helps your search engine ranking. Every time you create a new post, you are giving Google (and other search engines) another page with your keywords to index and rank.

Getting more visitors to you website with SEO (search engine optimization) is based on a number of algorithms and technical things happening on your website and across the Internet. However, in the simple terms, search engines, like Google, favor websites that have new, relevant content.

This means once a month blog posts with keywords related to your services and location can help your website rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP). This can easily be done by creating 12 post and scheduling them in advance throughout the year. The key is consistency!

If you remodel kitchens and bathrooms, you might ask, "what am I supposed to blog about?” Again, the goal is to create pages on your site with keywords of your services and location. Start by simply writing about a recent project: "Old Home Kitchen Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio".

In addition, your blog doesn’t need to be very technical. If you remodel historical properties, consider writing about architectural history in your area. If you help people on a small budget, you can focus on home improvement tips, complete with photos of some of your projects.

At the end of the day, you're blogging to outrank your competitors in search results and more leads for your business. While it'd be nice if visitors actually read your posts, your main audience is Google. So, remember to manually index your posts using Google Search Console.

Do you need help getting more traffic to your home remodeling website? Makeshark can help! We’re the #1 digital marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio for kitchen and bathroom remodelers.


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